The Conero Riviera and the "Colli dell'Infinito"

In the heart of the Conero Riviera, among natural beaches and artistically rich historical towns.

Natura, mare, borghi e tanto sport

Nature, the sea, towns, and many different sports

The Riviera del Conero is a kaleidoscope of attractions, traditions, and history told through the voices of 16 towns that are as diverse as they are close. Admire the natural beauty of the beaches and trails of Mount Conero and its surroundings... Wonders abound!

Colli dell'Infinito

Colli dell'Infinito

The "Colli dell'Infinito," a landscape characterised by artistic and cultural essence, is also located in the immediate vicinity of the Conero Riviera. Recanati is the centerpiece of the Colli dell'Infinito, where the famous poet Giacomo Leopardi wrote the poem "L'Infinito". Here you will find Casa Leopardi, the Lorenzo Lotto Museum, and the home of Beniamino Gigli, a world-renowned tenor.The Marche Region Museum of Emigration,the fortress of Offagna with its medieval festivals, Castelfidardo, and many other places are also worthy of note.

La Grande Bellezza di Loreto

Loreto's breathtaking beauty

The Cathedral of the Holy House of Loreto is one of Christianity's most important and visited Shrines, a pilgrimage destination that welcomes believers as well as visitors who are interested in its significant artistic heritage. As a result, the Holy House is a must-see on the Conero Riviera: it is unusual to find so much beauty, art, and architecture in one place. From the balcony in front of the Cathedral, one can enjoy a panoramic view of the Conero Riviera and the Colli dell'Infinito, where the colors of the countryside blend with those of the sea.

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